For decades accountants and other tax professionals have grown their business through word of mouth and referral marketing. Until recently, there was no need for tax and finance professionals to have robust marketing plans as your clients did most of your marketing for you; however, this is no longer the case. It was made clear in 2020 that having an online presence is a must, no matter what kind of business you own. 

At I.D. Creative Designs the issue we have noticed is most tax professionals don’t know why they should have an online presence or where even to start. My goal with this short article is to explain why it is essential for your accounting firm to have an online presence. 

The biggest reason to have an online presence for your accounting or tax practice is to gain trust with potential clients before you speak to them. 

But how is this trust gained online? 

Trust is gained with potential clients when you have good online reviews, Informative content such as blogs that your prospects can consume, and a user-friendly website that communicates the main benefits of working with you. All of these little things build massive trust with potential clients. 

Think about when you are searching for a new restaurant to eat at as an example. When looking for a new restaurant to try you do some research beforehand to ensure the restaurant is credible. 

How do we do this? The internet of course and I bet your process looks something like this. 

Step 1: Google search “Restaurants near me” 

Step 2: Find a place you think you would enjoy eating and proceed with more research.

Step 3: Look at their online reviews to ensure they are credible.

Step 4: Trust is established and you become a customer of this new restaurant. 

The misconception is we think the journey of finding a new restaurant to eat at is any different than when looking for professional services, and it’s not. Your ideal clients go through the same steps when finding a professional to help them with their financial needs. 

We live in an age where simple, easy-to-find information rules above all else. Just like how you want a seamless experience to trust, and contact the restaurant. Your potential clients want a seamless experience when trying to trust and contact your firm. 

Quick action tips: 

1. Ask your existing clients for reviews on your Google listing. 

2. Google yourself or phrases potential clients would search for when trying to find your services. Try and see how easy it is to find and contact your firm.

3. Navigate your website and honestly ask yourself if your website would make you take action. 

If you would like to have a second opinion or have marketing professionals look at your firm’s online presence, you can book a complimentary consultation below or call (707) 360-7826 

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