Marketing and branding go hand in hand, and you can’t really have one without the other. Marketing is mostly tactical, while branding requires a significant amount of strategic planning. Having a strong and recognizable brand is important for business success.

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity involves applying your brand values to visual elements used to promote the business. This may include the website, business cards, signage, product packaging, your social media presence, and more. A cohesive and professional brand identity is essential in ensuring your branding success. In order to create a brand identity that meets the goal of a business and sends the appropriate message, businesses need to create guidelines on how their brand should be represented across various mediums for consistency.

What is Marketing, Then?

On the other hand, marketing comes after branding and can be quite difficult to execute successfully. Although marketing plays a vital role in portraying a brand in the business world, you still need to establish a brand first before marketing that brand.

The Key to Success is to Pair Them
The challenge that many small businesses face in today’s digital world is that they attempt to use different digital marketing platforms and techniques to advertise their brand, without fully understanding which method actually matches their brand identity.
The key, though, is to balance both your digital marketing strategy with your brand identity in order to provide your business with the brand awareness and audience reach it needs to succeed.

Here’s How We Can Help
We have the professional insight and expertise to help small businesses, just like yours, achieve success with digital marketing. We’ve worked extensively to understand the best practices for each digital marketing medium, and we’ve married them with many brand identities to get the best results for your marketing dollars. We structure all of our efforts around your brand and we’re intentional with the efforts we put into driving traffic to your business.

Are you ready to get started? Reach out to our experts at I.D. Creative Designs today!

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