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At I.D. Creative Designs, we’re passionate about surrounding ourselves with like-minded entrepreneurs that strive to make their business dreams a reality. Helping business owners like yourself inspires us, and allows us to continue growing our network of industry leaders. Your success is our success.


I.D. Creative Designs | Isaias Puentes Co-Founder

Isaias Puentes

I began my career as a photographer, and transitioned into website design in an effort to add more value to the deliverables I was providing my clients. I.D. Creative Designs represents the passions that make me who I am—active, approachable, artistic, with a talent for understanding a business’s unique needs. I utilize a variety of creative strategies to showcase your business in the best light so you attract your desired clientele.

I.D. Creative Designs | Isaias Puentes Co-Founder

Dante Orlandini

My time spent studying fashion design, marketing, and business planning for startups has made me realize two things. One, I am incredibly passionate about helping other peoples’ businesses succeed; and two, sewing is so much harder than it looks! I decided to follow my love of business, and my lifetime passion for helping others by starting I.D. Creative Designs. My goal is to bring real value to others, both in business and in life. I uncover what makes your business unique, and use this knowledge to help you grow.

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