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Digital Dispensary Marketing

Cannabis advertising, digital store cards, SEO, website design, and social media marketing automation, consultations, and content creation.

I.D. Creative Designs | Achieving Our Goals

Digital Store Card Using Mobile Wallet

Boost your cannabis dispensary’s loyalty with a digital store card!

As a cannabis dispensary owner, it’s essential to build strong relationships with your customers. With a digital store card, you can take your customer loyalty to the next level by offering rewards and incentives, improving their shopping experience, reduce time spent at check out, and access to more payment options like credit cards and bank transfers. 

Simplify business as a cannabis dispensary owner!

Eliminate the complications that come with being a cannabis dispensary owner. With a mobile store card you can generate accessible capital and collect valuable data to make informed business decisions like never before. 



Full Bloom Cannabis Marketing

If you are looking to increase your revenue. Our In-bloom advertising system is perfect for you. Get your dispensary to be seen 100,000 times by the ideal 21+ demographic that your dispensary wants to cater to. Whether you want to show off your amazing deals or build awareness for a special time of year ?. Our in-bloom advertising system is a trackable and results-driven advertising system where you can see a return month over month.

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I.D. Creative Designs | Achieving Our Goals

Dispensary Advertising Campaign

First 30 day report

Building a successful advertising system takes time. We mastered it! We recommend four months minimum to let a campaign fully bloom. Month one is for setup, While months three and four are where we harvest the fruit of our labor. In the campaign above month one starts slow, as expected, come month four we are doing 286 conversions! Now if you take into account that the average basket size for dispensaries in California is $69.70, on average you are adding $19,934.20 to your monthly revenue. How would you Like to add numbers like this to your business?

Dispensary Advertising Campaign

120 day report

I.D. Creative Designs | Achieving Our Goals

A quote from a business owner we connected with.

“First of all, thanks for the time and effort that went into that report and the breakdown video. Love that you shared that with a pre-recorded Loom vid. I’ve started doing these types of vids as well.

Everything in your video breakdown makes perfect sense to me you’ve got me analyzing my biz and thinking critically out loud which is always a healthy exercise. So thanks for inspiring that!”


The Snapshot Report   

We like all our conversations with potential partners to start with this report. It’s a great baseline for everyone to understand where your business stands online and where gaps can be filled so your customers can have an easier online experience with your dispensary. Sometimes there is an easy fix and other times the report may expose an opportunity for your business to reach new heights. If you want to skip the line and get your custom report as soon as possible fill out the form below and we will reach out to you in 48 business hours.


I.D. Creative Designs | Digital Advertising

“I love the team at ID Creative Designs. They have been a reliable and proactive partner in advancing my business marketing for the last year plus. Their expertise and collaborative efforts to refine my business’ online presence has helped increase customer outreach tenfold.” 

Danielle Jackson

“So Easy to work with and Isaias and Dante really take the time to listen to what we have to say.”

Michael J. Borenstein 

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