1. Establish a Clear Objective
2. Set Smart Goals
3. Work Backwards
4. Execute and Track
5. Reiterate and Repeat
6. Avoid common pitfalls
These simple steps can allow you to engage with a marketing plan in a way that does not feel overwhelming. Having a plan and solid structure can let you take advantage of the opportunities that have come alive since quarantine has forced businesses to adapt.

Establishing a clear objective is what will determine your marketing approach. What is it you want to accomplish?

Setting specific goals based on this objective will allow you to start chipping away at what might seem like an overwhelming feat.

Working backward from the objective and goals will allow you to innovate in a way that makes sense. A simple example, I want more engagement and drink sales. Launch a campaign that caters around a customer engagement required campaign featuring drinks. “Post your latte art to social media #art4drinks and tag us, and you will get your 2nd latte half off.”

Once you set those exciting sexy marketing strategies, execute them and track them! Analytics in this step plays a critical role in making sure everything is working.

Once you find what works, repeat and reiterate, finding a winning strategy and using it in a different context will be a breakthrough for your business.

Finally, avoid these pitfalls.

  • Copying and pasting competitors blindly
  • Unrealistic smart goals
  • Not committing to a timeline
  • Being on every platform at once
  • Not tracking properly
  • Not having an excellent foundation to market off from
  • Not testing constantly
With that quick overview, I hope this sets you in the right direction. If you have any questions or want to know more about our strategies in-depth, please contact us.
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